In the waving of crystal clear salt waters, among shells, starfish, pearls and marine species, Scarf Me presents the ACQUA Collection.

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In the waving of crystal clear salt waters, among shells, starfish, pearls and the most exotic marine species, and amid oceanic tones, Scarf Me presents the ACQUA Collection.
Diving into the ocean of inspirations of the largest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium enchants us with its blue immensity, immersing us through its glass and acrylic, 30 million liters of water and the immeasurable marine wealth. Its architecture resembles an ark, and its interior is made up of a true and dazzling ocean on dry land.
Represented in watercolor with metallic particles, the marine species Mandarin Fish, Red Lionfish, Sailfin Snapper, and Spotted Scat, swim over the print, and carry the symbolism of prosperity and abundance.
Large and small shells intertwine, enriching the illustration, along with pearl applications and sandy texture. The starfish, with its ability to regenerate, represents healing and renewal. The wavy plates of the Oceans Ballroom, the architectural design and the fabrics that make up the backdrops for the enchanting presentations, inspired the geometric version of the collection, taking us to a grand aquatic universe.
Immersing myself in the #mermaidcore aesthetic, the metallic tones of the pink, blue and lilac palette dominate the collection, bringing through elaborate elements, the formation of a print that conveys, in each brushstroke, the preciousness of the marine ecosystem.
The ACQUA Collection invites us to an immersion of senses and sensations: Immerse yourself in this depth!