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Cashmere: what is it? How is done? Where does it come from?

Considered the jewel of cashmere and the rarest and finest raw material on the planet, Unique women's Cashmere comes from a specific part of the goat, the place where it...

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a natural fiber, considered India's greatest treasure and for decades the most luxurious fabric in the world.

Why does the best cashmere only exist here at Scarf Me?

Scarf Me, in addition to being a pioneer in silk scarves, is also a pioneer in the sale of cashmere, or as some prefer to say (cashmere pashmina). But after all, what is *Cashmere*? We tell you what the main types are and what we sell here:

Considered the jewel of cashmere and the rarest and finest raw material on the planet, Unique women's Cashmere comes from a specific part of the goat, the place where it does not suffer any type of friction and is not exposed to the sun or rain. This is the undercoat region underneath the goat's neck.

Furthermore, these goats are raised in the highest part of Kashmir, a mountainous region characterized by extreme temperature changes. Therefore, they developed a layer of overcoat that remains in contact with the skin to warm up from the cold, until a certain period when temperatures become milder, and the natural process of shedding occurs.

Cashmere Unique is not only made from the rarest and purest cashmere, but it is also 15% finer than the cashmere found in the animal's undercoat. The fiber gives a soft, velvety feel to the touch.

Rare and exclusive, when embroidered, a Cashmere Unique piece can take up to 1 year to complete, as the process is done manually by a local artisan, from separating the fur, joining the weft to finishing the embroidery. Furthermore, its rarity comes from the limited amount of production of this fur, as it is necessary to combine material from approximately 7 animals.


Thanks to the fiber's natural structure, Cashmere Unique Scarf Me has incredible thermal insulation properties. The air trapped in the small spaces between the fibers forms a natural barrier that helps contain body heat and prevent cold from reaching the skin. The finer the fiber, the greater the insulation and the softer the touch.

Wearing a Cashmere Unique Scarf Me is a true and incomparable experience of lightness and sophistication. These pieces are considered jewelry and ideal for use in winter and transitional seasons, as well as on cool summer nights.

Now let's get to know a little about our baby cashmere:

With its precious fiber and incomparable softness, obtained exclusively from Hircus Goat puppies, Baby Cashmere sets a new standard of quality.

Baby Cashmere stands out from others, due to the limited amount of hair extracted, in addition to its delicacy and softness.

Only once in the puppy's life, when it reaches 6 years of age, can it have its hair extracted. During this period, a kid produces no more than 80 grams of extraordinarily soft and precious cashmere, a very small amount compared to the 250 grams that can be collected from adults.

Breeders collect the cashmere threads delicately through a process of combing the animals, which only separates the excess hair from the puppies that were lost naturally. This process takes place between May and June, a time of milder temperatures, where the puppies no longer need to protect themselves from the cold and the natural process of shedding their hair occurs.

The Baby Cashmere Scarf Me has a light damask, a type of jacquard, forming smooth and firm patterns, which give an even more sophisticated and unique shine to the pieces.

Let's see here what diamond cashmere is:

Cashmere Diamante is one of our favorites. Its composition is made of 50% cashmere and 50% modal.

Modal is a natural and self-sustaining fiber, produced from the extraction of wood pulp.

Its main characteristics are strong colors as it is a fast-absorbing fiber, and its smooth surface is responsible for the silky shine, especially when mixed with other fibers, such as cashmere.

This combination is responsible for the soft and smooth touch of our Diamante Cashmere, which takes its name from the designs formed by the weave of the two fibers.

Because it is a silkier piece and due to the high water absorption of both cashmere and modal fibers, Cashmere Diamante is suitable for any occasion, as it stays cool on warmer days, but also has its thermal benefits in winter.

In this post you learned about the 3 main types of real cashmere sold at Scarf Me. To see our entire collection visit our page:

Cashmere Collection


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