Scarf Me is an expression of a fun and modern Lifestyle . It is the balance between luxury and technology, for lovers of scarves, scarves and pashminas.

The brand is a pioneer in Brazil and a reference in high-tech printing and finishing, from the creation of the prints to the innovative way of selling, through irreverent mini-boutiques, without losing charm and care for the pieces. Scarf Me is a scarf and scarf factory.

The scarf has always been considered a classic accessory, synonymous with royalty the world over.

Its versatility serves as fashion inspiration and its perception integrates culture, luxury and society, associated with a refined aesthetic.

Scarf Me brought a new vision for this type of product with a reinterpretation of these behaviors, resulting in unusual creations, designed for all styles and personalities and launched monthly as mini collections.

Founded in 2011 by brothers Rodrigo and Daniel Rosset, Scarf Me is the result of tradition, passion and excellence, where through combinations of colors and elements it brings sophistication and exclusivity to the daily lives of Brazilian women.

Scarf Me manufactures scarves and scarves with high-end technology for all of Brazil.