Nothing motivates us more than achieving a little more of this mission every day.

Scarf Me was created especially for lovers of scarves, scarves and pashminas, such classic and historic fashion accessories.

There is, however, a small difference: we brought a new vision to this type of product, we reinterpreted this behavior and created dynamic and irreverent prints on a weekly basis.

A brand with personality, fun and modern. Also innovative in the way of selling through mini-boutiques, but without losing the charm and care with the pieces. The products are developed with high-tech stamping and finishing. Each Scarf Me design has a unique story and was carefully created and thought out for each piece.

And from this story, nothing is by chance. Growing up around machines and rolls of fabric from the family’s printing business, brothers Rodrigo and Daniel Rosset created the brand in mid-2011.

The desire to bring a Brazilian touch to these very European accessories motivated the two to create something so innovative.

Today the brand has addresses in São Paulo, Miami and Barcelona, ​​in addition to having expanded all the sophistication and details of scarves and scarves, to a vast collection of clothing and home accessories.