Apresentamos a estampa “Flor-flamingo”, que traz os elementos florais da Jacobínia, também conhecida como flor-flamingo e pluma-Brasil, nativa da América do Sul.

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Scarf Me kicks off 2023 with the colors of the year: viva magenta, PANTONE's bet and lavender, WGSN's bet.

Inspired by the prediction of the year's most loved hair colors, we present the “Flor-flamingo” print, which brings the floral elements of Jacobínia, also known as flor-flamingo and pluma-Brasil, native to South America.
The colors bring with them their symbologies: Magenta, representing innovation, creativity, mystery, harmony, nobility and transformation, and Lavender, which for a long time was considered the color of power, also referring to delicacy, sensitivity and

Get into the MOOD color of the year with Scarf Me!

Buying a 90x90 scarf or a 45x210 scarf from the collection, you get a beautiful molesquine in the same print.