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There's nothing better this winter than being warm, warm and here at Scarf Me it's no different. With that in mind, we created an exclusive page with tips and options so you don't waste any more time choosing your look.

Pashminas are a great alternative for those who don't want to get cold and want to stay elegant. A versatile and stylish piece that allows us to make several lashings and transform it into the most beautiful accessory to compose your winter look.

For colder days, we have our 100% herringbone pashmina, made of pure cashmere, or our baby cashmere, which is also very popular in mid-season, on that cold late afternoon.

The luxury of embroidered cashmere is the best to compose the party look, important appointments and important meetings because they are unique and exclusive pieces. soft.

The arabesque pashminas are exuberant due to their unique designs, the diamond cashmere is different because the construction of the fabric is made in the shape of small diamonds, giving it a luxury and special touch.

But if you want to stay warm without pashminas or scarves, we have our Viscose chemises to warm up your day to day.